Once upon a time there was a caving guide, Nicolas Bransolle, and a winegrower, Raphaël Pommier, who set out on a journey to discover the wild side of Saint Marcel Cave. Being a good winegrower, Raphaël had slipped a bottle and a corkscrew into his bag. A few hours later, once the bottle was empty, SpeleOenology was born!


By the light of your headlamps accompanied by a caver and a winegrower

The outing lasts around 3 hours, during which you discover the treasures of the cave by the light of your headlamps, led by a caving guide and a winegrower or the wine specialist from the cave. All manner of concretions, shells imprisoned in the limestone rock, crystals of pure calcite … and up above, the unusual terroir on which Saint Marcel’s vines grow, including those whose wine you taste during the SpeleOenologies.


The aromas of the wines are amplified

Sitting on the clay-covered rock, protected from the damp by their colourful overalls, everyone switches off their headlamp when told to do so by the wine guide. The tasting takes place in the pitch black darkness … what an exceptional sensory experience! The darkness and the quiet atmosphere allow sight and hearing to rest and sense of smell and taste buds to come alive. The odour-free environment intensifies the aromas of the wine in the glass and the flavours on the palate. The three wines tasted become more concentrated and gain in personality. Even when the headlamps are switched back on, the identity of the wines still pervades the air.