Kz Kz Kz Kz Kz Kz … the cicadas’ chants transports you in the south! Many of your sense are stimulated by this beautiful place: the Gras plateau covered by lavender in springtime and majestic place the rest of the year.

The lavender

Ah the magnificent field of lavender dancing on the wind rhythm! Everybody want to take the famous picture, to break a few sprigs to make a small bunch, deseed and crush a few seed between your fingers, close your eyes to enjoy this meeting and be mesmerized by this scent. You can even taste this to feel the taste of the lavender and almond biscuits. The lavender is one of these simple pleasures thrilling each of our 5 senses. One your way, another stop seems unmissable, the distillery. You will certainly learn a lot about its therapeutic benefits.


The lavender plateau

Barely 300 meters high, this place worth its name but has this little thing proper to the southern limestone landscape: the scent of the Garrigue! The landscape is mainly composed of thymes, junipers, box trees and holm oaks until the beginning of the Dent du Rez massif.

The Dent du Rez massif


Named after its particular shape that looks like a saw it is 719 meters high. To have a more magnificent point of view, you can get to the top. And despite its modest height, the panorama is wonderful!  From the highest point you will have a 360 degrees view: you may see the Ardèche Valley, the Laoul plateau, the Rhône valley, the Pilat and the Aigoual mounts. If you are lucky enough, birds, butterfly, and protected bats may join you during this visit. And, on this Natura 2000 site, you may even see an Aubrac (a species a cow). This plateau has always been love by the human kind and this for more than 10 000 years, now you may understand why!

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