The greatest treasure of our vineyard is probably its wide variety.
In addition to the winers’know how, the land quality and the exposition plots are a real asset for the quality and the diversification or our wines. It is a little known fact that the Ardèche South can be proud of its serious wine references, some of them are exported across the world…

Landscapes sculped through the vineyards

Patiently shaped by winemakers since the roman period, the vineyards offer soft and graphic landscapes. Whatever plains, hills and plateaus above the Rhône Valley, you’ll enjoy contemplating this wonderful landscape. Our wine region extends on diversified soils, most of the time clay-limestone or on round pebbles soils. They are generally planted on ancient terraces facing south, south east.


A nice range of wines

There are several names for wines in the Ardèche south : IGP Ardèche, AOP Côtes du Vivarais, mais aussi AOP Côtes du Rhône et Côtes du Rhône Villages. Our « terroir » provides a wide variety of wines, with the three colours, sweet and fruity for barbecues, vigorous for games or festive meals. All in all about 106 000 hl are producted in Bourg-St-Andéol area, 3 cooperative wineries and 38 private cellars (with or without cellar, bulk wine or bottles), all in all).

On the wine tourist road


Lot of winemakers open their door and welcome you in their wineries.
Much appreciated by wine lovers, the tourist road Côtes du Rhône Corail from Bourg-St-Andéol to St- Martin-d’Ardèche will lead you to qualified winemakers who offer warm hospitality.
Simultaneously, the association 2000 Vins d’Ardèche gathering the winemakers created several years ago routes to promote a quality welcome at winemakers’ who have signed up to our stringent code. The committed winemakers are labelled « Accueil Vigneron »/
Maps and documentation are available in our agencies or to download here.

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