By the other side of the Rhône, a fertile plain streches as far as you can see, with some villages on top of hills and castels. Welcome in Provence, the « nougat », truffle, olive oil, and good wine region.

Montélimar, « Nougat » world capital

Montélimar is often and deservedly considered Provence entering door. « Le Midi » : south of France begins here ! Located on the mythical “Route Nationale 7”, Montélimar is the most important city beetween Valence and Avignon. Here, nougat is everywhere. Don’t hesitate and push the door of one of the many nougat craftsmen, to attend its production (usually in the morning). Take a chance to walk around the pedestrian streets in the old downtown, and why not visit a museum of contemporary arts or the Castle : « Château des Adhémar » that overlooks the city.

Picturesque villages and castles

The hilltop village of La-Garde-Adhémar (labelled «one of the most beautiful villages of France ») is overwatching the Tricastin plain. The little streets and squares, the terrace/medecinal garden or the « Val des Nymphes » all invites you to stroll. At a few kilometers from there, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux offers an old city downtown with well-conserved pedestrian streets. But it’s more than just a typical small town : it’s the capital city of the first truffle producer region of France, far ahead Périgord !
Castles are to be find almost everywhere along the Rhône Valley. Some are ruined, like in Alan or Châteauneuf-du-Rhône but some of them were carefully restored and still offer their splendor of yesteryear.The most famous castle is without a doubt Grignan Castle, Marquise de Sévigné’s majestic residence. Suze-la-Rousse castle, less known, is very beautiful too. And even more : the University of Wine has settled within its walls, so no need to choose beetween heritage and « terroir » (typical soil products) anymore.


An amazing « Terroir »

Drôme Provençale is a peasant land, with many cultivation products. Each season brings its own fragrance and exalting tastes.
-During winter, the Tricastin black truffle catches the gourmets’ interest. The « Rabasse » in provençal dialect or « Tuber melanosporum » is deservedly called the « Black Diamond ». Its taste and smell make it a must in the internationally renowned french cooking.
-During spring, the strawberries appear first, followed by cherries and apricots.
-In the early summer, blue lavander fields give a rare beauty to the Drôme landscapes. Right after come the nectarines and peaches.
-During fall, it’s all about vines : at this time of the year it’s the grape harvest time and you can see many tractors bringing the grapes to the press houses.
In any season, you can visit Dieulefit (the city of ceramic) as well, Nyons (renowned for its olives and oils), Buis-les-Baronnies (lime trees) to mention just a few places… Pierrelatte and the famous « Crocodiles farm » is also not to be missed !!!

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