The Laoul forest, is our Broceliande forest! Gigantic, it is the biggest forest in one piece of the Ardèche and it is said that this forest is magical. It hides ancient treasures on a 2000 hectares field.

From the dolmens of the Giant women’s wood to Dona Vierna.

It is said In the area that the giant women lived in the wood, according to the legend they were fierce and they built the dolmens of the area. These dolmens are prehistorical tomb which frightened and amazed the ancients. It is amazing to imagine the life in this forest.

The roman troops crossing the forest from Alba-La-Romaine to Bourg-Saint-Andéol. The colliers with black face, the goatherd and his flock. The quarryman exploiting the rocks in order to build the Rhône quay and the railroad… A hive of activity with many goals.



The most emblematic site of the forest is the Chalon Chapel, known for its pilgrimage, this is also a wonderful place to have lunch with your family. This mesmerizing roman church was built more than 800 years ago. When you observe its facade, you can see numerous curved stones.

But this place is mainly the territory of the wonderful Dona Vierna of Balladun, a noble lady of the middle age era. Praised by the troubadours and the minstrel, benefactor of the city because she gave it the forest, her memory is still captivating.

The Laoul forest, an oasis of peace

Fairies and elves secretly enchant the forest each season. These little creatures throw sweet orange and blazing red colors on the leaves in autumn. During winter, they make the silvered trunk shine. Thanks to secret spells they know, a magnificent smell invades the forest during springtime, this specific smell is a mix of the thyme, juniper, and buxus. And during summertime, these wonderful creatures give water to the foxes, wild boars, and badgers, with the mesmerizing sound of the cicadas.

If you are a dreamer, a hiker, pilgrim, or family, you will find this forest magnificent and you will be amazed by the magical and peaceful atmosphere of the place.

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