Did the Muse Erato use local wine to intoxicate a couple of world famous artists here on the river banks of the Ardèche? As famous for their work as for their dreams: Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington sang love and passion in Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche, delighting in the pastoral calm of the village in the late 30s. Since the 70s, many holidaymakers from all over Europe enjoy the sunny beaches and picture postcard landscapes. Before them the first tourists of the nineteenth century, explored the Ardèche canyon by boat accompanied by local guides. They stopped at Saint-Marcel cave for a short visit and ended their trip in Saint-Martin. Today the village is the gateway to the Ardèche Gorges and a well-known holiday resort. The municipality makes great efforts to develop sustainable tourisme and its policy has been awarded by quality labels as well as the internationally acknowledged Blue Flag for its beaches – idyllic “Grain de Sel” beach in the village and rocky Sauze beach at the entrance of the canyon.