In the middle of the Art and History region, you may stop at Bourg-Saint-Andéol, on the Rhône quay. This city has many protected monuments including this architectural jewelry where time has stopped many years ago: The palais des Evêques. When the door opens, you will see th big smile of the landlords’ faces. They will guide you into this labyrinth of rooms to tell you the 1001 stories of this palace.

The magnificent façade in front of the Rhône

Discover the great terrace and its breathtaking view on the Rhône.  At the beginning, the first edifice was built on a high rock dominating the river: the perfect place to chant the palace’s motto: “higher Saint-Michel”.

If you look closer at the façade, the foundations of the building start to appear. You may see a seigniorial edifice upon the river that was standing here before the bishops’ arrival during the XIIIth century. Then almost 40 other bishops succeeded in this place, making of this place a more and more fancy palace

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