Men have chosen to settle here since antiquity on a rock that dominates the Rhone, making the place a cross roads for centuries. Witness of this period, the Bas relief ofthe deity Mithra is preserved in its natural environment since the second century, in “Vallon de Tourne”. Don’t miss the majestic Saint-Andéol church that stands in the middle of historic downtown. It is one of the monuments spared by the tragic bombing of August 15, 44. Alongside, numerous mansions testify of the prosperity of the aristocrats living around the Episcopal Palace (“Palais des Evêques” … open to the public). Rich merchants built town houses like Hotel Bonnot de Villevrain or Hotel de Digoine. Walk in the footsteps of famous visitors who once wandered the streets of the town! Victor Hugo stays here with his mistress. Musset and Georges Sand make a stopover during a trip with Stendhal. The Queen of England spends one night as well as Mazarin, Chief Minister to the kings of France. D’Artagnan and his musketeers are guests of Bishop Louis de Suze. Here you meet Melpomène, the Muse of Song, Musical Harmony and Tragedy under the vaults of sanctuaries, walking the streets, at sunset or on the river banks.