Every year, during springtime, a little part of the village of Larnas attires itself in the wonderful colors of the Iris fields. This blooming, a natural masterpiece, is the result of the passionate work of Bernard Laporte. This man is recognized in the whole world for his work.

The iris fields of Mr. Laporte welcome you

Arrived in Larnas in 1959, Mr. Laporte bought his first irises in the 90’s in order to put some flower in his garden next to the Nègue valley. And the more he saw his flowers, the more he fell in love with them. Nowadays, his collection is composed of more than 2500 species of iris. The specialist is now more focused on new species and hybrids species in order to improve the shapes and the colors of his flowers.

Normally, the blooming period happens in may , and then you could see one hectare and a half of wonderful flowers with different shapes and different colors. From the deep blue to the electrifing yellow passing by the clear and hypnotizing purple.

Perfumes and colors of the Irises

Do you know the sent of irises ? You will like it so much that you will feel like in a dream ! every colors are possible except the red, because the art of taking cuttings didn’t succed to make it.

Already considereras sacred by the Egyptians, the iris became in the heraldic language, the fleur-de-lis, and after that the symbol of the French royalty. This may be surprising for a flower, but the Iris is a masculine word despite his beautiful curves and his glimmering colors which shine with feminity. And Catherine de Medicis understood that when she made the Iris perfume fashionnable.


The source of pride of the village

In 2009, Bernard created a new species of iris and this led to the birth of the “Iris Larnas”. It is onlu orange and blooms in mid-season. This is one of the long iris beacause it is 70 centimeters long.

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